Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Victoria + Albert Unveils Their Kit 40 IntelliWaste System

Victoria + Albert unveiled its Kit 40 Intelli Waste system that uses advanced magnetic technology to provide reliable flood protection for both home and hospitality settings. With its sleek and unobtrusive design, the Kit 40 is perfect for freestanding tubs. It works just like a standard "click clack" drain, but the ingenious concealed system uses water pressure to sense rising water levels. When the depth reaches 15", the patented technology triggers the plug to open, allowing water to escape and avoiding a flood. Once the faucet has been safely turned off, the water depth continues to drain to 11" and then automatically reseals, allowing the bather to enjoy a deep and luxurious soak. The Kit 40 is an available option on all Victoria + Albert freestanding tubs without a predrilled overflow. The Intelli Waste system's revolutionary emptying performance removes water at up to 9-1/2 US gallons per minute, has a quick, hassle-free installation and requires no unsightly overflow pipes.

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