Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hansgrohe's New Kitchen Faucet Range Incorporates Their Select Technology

Hansgrohe's™ new kitchen faucet range was developed to meet current market demands, freeing up space and allowing cooks to be masters of their culinary domain. Hansgrohe's Select technology is integrated into the new kitchen models including the Talis Select S (pictured), Metris Select, and the AXOR Citterio Select collections. Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design, Select enables hands-free operation. Intuitive and practical, Select functionality requires neither a power supply nor any additional equipment hidden in the cabinet below. Users turn water on and off by engaging the Select button with the back of the wrist, elbow, etc., contributing to increased workflow around the sink. Since the flow is shut on and off with just a push, temperature and volume can be conveniently preset.

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