Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dezi Home's New Lift & Clean Shower Baskets

Cleaning out the soap and sticky residue that builds up in shower baskets is an unpleasant task that nobody enjoys. To solve this problem, Dezi Home introduces Lift & Clean Shower Baskets. More than just another shower basket, it features a dishwasher safe insert and concealed removable installation bracket, allowing the entire basket to be removed for easy cleaning. The basket's unique design eliminates the need for unsightly silicone caulking, which, over time, can crack and become corroded with mold. The Lift & Clean Shower Basket comes in both a standard and corner design and coordinates with all other Dezi Home bath accessories. It's available in four decorative finishes: polished stainless steel, old world bronze, satin stainless steel and matte black. The dishwasher-safe basket insert comes in white or black depending on the basket finish and features open slats for water drainage. All products ship from the Dezi Home factory in Huntington Beach, California.

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