Friday, January 20, 2017

Steamist's New Digital Shower System

The new Steamist® Digital Shower System allows customers to choose multiple shower experiences from up to three outlets without cluttering the space with multiple controls. The system combines a thermostatically controlled and pressure-balanced shower valve with Steamist's SH-450 multi-function digital control to optimize user comfort while offering a clean, modern design. Steamist's shower valve  can be customized to the user's selection of a standard showerhead, a rain shower, body spray, waterfall or hand shower. The valve is just 1-1/2" thick, which makes it extremely easy to install in any position behind the wall, and the maximum temperature limit is adjustable from 80°F to 120°F. The SH-450 digital control is a shower-only version of the touchscreen control that is the centerpiece of Steamist's Total Sense steambath system. It is the only control needed to operate all three of the user's chosen shower outlets and can be easily programmed with two different user shower profiles, including both temperature and volume control for each profile.

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