Friday, January 6, 2017

XYNC Brands Acquired by Elk Group

XYNC Brands, most prominently known as the parent of RYVYR, was recently acquired by Elk Group (known for their lighting and home décor furnishings). XYNC Brands, founded in 2004, crafts unique products featuring exceptional design and function for the kitchen/bath industry.  Each item of XYNC's RYVYR brand is conceived to flow seamlessly with all elements within the portfolio, including sinks, vessels, vanities, tops, mirrors and plumbing fittings. XYNC is most notably known for RYVYR which features affordable, yet stylishly luxurious bath vanities. XYNC will also bring experts from the plumbing industry with extensive Kitchen & Bath knowledge to ELK's team. In addition to XYNC Brands President, Hal Weinstein, veterans John Weinstein and Sharon Taylor will be joining ELK to provide a seamless transition and continue to provide design, sales and customer service experience. Kathy Frank continues with marketing communications and customer service support.

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