Saturday, August 19, 2017

BainUltra's New Opalia Collection

BainUltra unveiled Opalia™, an extraordinary collection of therapeutic baths inspired by the splendor of an elegant opal. BainUltra has captured that essence of luminescent beauty and soothing properties in an exquisitely crafted line of freestanding tubs made all the more remarkable by singular options for deck designs and a luxurious bathing experience that refreshes the body, mind and spirit. Opalia draws the eye with its fascinating curves, available in five enticing configurations. The oval inner shell of the bath can be centered, off-centered to either side, or oblique from the center, creating an intriguing play of elliptical shapes and boldly distinctive decks. The tub measures 68 x 39 x 25 with generous proportions to accommodate two bathers in comfort and comes in two beautiful finishes - Glossy or UltraVelour Matte. Crafted by hand for a seamless appearance, the tubs are made exclusively of acrylic for amazing durability and lasting beauty. As with all BainUltra baths, multiple therapeutic benefits are available to create the ultimate soaking experience.

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