Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hansgrohe's New Raindance E Shower Collection

Square, elegant, expressive: the clean, linear design of the new Raindance E shower range from the hansgrohe brand makes a statement in the bathroom. Two showerheads and one showerpipe component make up the trio of offerings. Boasting a luxe, high-design look, each integrates Hansgrohe's exceptional German engineering and delivers superlative water performance. Thanks to improved spray technology, the square, Raindance E 300 1-Jet Showerhead measures approximately 12 x 12 inches and generates a voluminous rain shower of full, soft droplets. Spray jets are arranged in a special way to ensure that the body is completely enveloped. The jets at the center of the spray disc are closely positioned for a more powerful spray, making shower time rituals easier, such as thoroughly rinsing out all traces of shampoo. The other jets are more spaced and their gentle spray relaxes the shoulders and upper back. A wall mount version with a new shower arm that has a flat connection to the overhead shower is also available. When paired together, the showerhead is able to pivot for additional convenience. Both versions are available in chrome or brushed nickel finishes. For those looking for a seamless shower look, Hansgrohe's Raindance E 400 Square 1-Jet Showerhead is the pièce de résistance. Finished entirely in chrome, it elegantly merges into the ceiling, creating a generous shower sky. Both models have available flow rates of 1.8 GPM or 2.0 GPM. Completing the new shower assortment is the ShowerTablet 600 2-Function Exposed Shower Thermostat.

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