Saturday, July 14, 2018

Steamist's Patented Dual Temperature Sensor Technology

A U.S. Patent has been issued covering dual temperature sensor technology for Steamist's residential steam shower controls. All of Steamist's current digital control models are equipped with this proprietary feature, which helps prevent uncomfortable temperature swings for the steam bather. A typical steam shower control only has one sensor, which often detects conflicting temperatures from inside the enclosure and from the cold tile wall to which it is mounted. These "false cold" readings cause the control to direct the steam generator to add more steam, pushing temperatures above the user's comfort level. Steamist's newly patented technology overcomes this problem by adding a second sensor, positioned to get a more accurate reading of actual temperature inside the steam enclosure. Steamist 550, 450 and 250 steam shower controls all calculate the need for steam based on combined dual-sensor input.

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