Friday, March 1, 2019

AXOR's New MyEdition Collection

AXOR unveiled its new MyEdition Collection at last week’s 2019 KBIS Show. MyEdition is a tailor-made collection to bring individualization to the bathroom. The new line pairs sleek, low-profile faucet and tub filler bodies with six different cover plates including leather, wood, two types of marble, and a mirrored or black glass. With the AXOR FinishPlus program, an additional 13 finishes are available, offering nearly 300 extra design combinations geared towards satisfying varying personal styles. With the AXOR Signature program, the option to add an inscription is also available. AXOR MyEdition incorporates the company’s innovative new PowderRain spray, a micro-fine mist that has a powder-like feel. Developed in Hansgrohe's R+D lab in Germany, the secret is in the spray disc, which features precisely arranged nozzles that incorporate several microscopic openings rather than just one. The resulting spray is so fine it melts into the skin rather than bounces off of it. This allows the skin to retain warmth and translates to reduced splashing at the sink. What's more, the spray is engineered to be remarkably quiet, a result of rigorous testing in an acoustics chamber.

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