Friday, March 29, 2019

DXV's 3D Printed Faucet Honored as 2019 KBIS Best of Show Winner

DXV's (part of LIXIL Americas) latest 3D printed faucet received the top prize, “Best of Show” in the Best of KBIS awards. The newest 3D printed faucet represents the next evolution of additive manufacturing. This new faucet gives designers and consumers the ability for daring and brilliant self-expression by generating shapes in the water flow that cannot be produced in the typical manufacturing process. The faucet and its associated lavatory are designed to surprise and delight the consumer with a unique water experience. The faucet senses the user’s presence and automatically turns on as hands approach. The flow of water is delivered in the dramatic shape of a vortex, creating a mesmerizing effect. The Best of KBIS Awards is a respected annual program that recognizes the most innovative new products introduced at KBIS each year. In 2016, DXV previously won a Gold Award in this competition for the Vibrato faucet, part of the brand’s first collection to explore the possibilities of 3D printing.

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