Thursday, May 30, 2019

The New Bel Canto Single Hole E3 Cylinder Handle from California Faucets

California Faucets expands its Bel Canto single-hole lavatory faucet collection with the E3 Cylinder Handle, an option that eliminates the lever handle for a fully modern, streamlined look. A geometric juxtaposition, the Bel Canto series marries an elegant, elongated cylinder stem with a crisp, thin rectangular spout and lever handles. By eliminating the lever, the new Cylinder Handle artfully preserves those overall design elements while further modernizing and simplifying the appearance.

The Cylinder Handle is a small hub atop the faucet stem, identical and nearly seamless in shape. Users push the hub to operate the faucet and move it left or right to adjust the temperature. The handle can be specified in the same finish as the rest of the faucet, or, for a striking contrast, in an elegant finish such as matte black.

Like other Bel Canto models, the faucet’s unique spout delivers water in a vertical sheet for a cool waterfall effect, furthering its status as a modern art piece. The single-hole faucet comes in two sizes: a tall 14-7/8” overall height or a more compact 8-1/2” overall height. Twenty-eight finishes are available, including satin nickel, burnished brass, carbon, French gold, matte black and white.

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