Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hansgrohe Adds Select Technology to Talis E and S Series

Hansgrohe is bringing a suite of stylish and eco-conscious lavatory solutions to the market. The Talis E (pictured) and Talis S lines mark the first time Select technology is available in Hansgrohe's bathroom faucets. Characterized by clean lines and a seamless transition of spout to faucet body, the Talis E line features a flat silhouette, while the Talis S line has a round, conical shape. Faucet operation is seamless and convenient with the Select feature. In the Talis Select S and E faucets, the flow of water is turned on and off with a touch of the Select button, which can be engaged with the forearm, elbow, etc. Purely mechanical, this functionality does not require electricity or other devices in the base cabinet, making it easy to install and maintain. What's more, its push button operation encourages users to turn the water off during tasks like brushing teeth, thereby helping to save water.

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