Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hardware Resources Introduces 3 New Ergonomic Products

Hardware Resources offers three ergonomic alternatives to bending, twisting, and turning to reach the back of a cabinet or closet: the Easy 360 Susan (the convenience of a drawer combined with the benefits of a lazy Susan); a "No Wiggle" Pullout for base cabinets (designed to be the sturdiest pullout in the market); and a Revolving Boot and Shoe Rack (pictured) that offers full access to that all-important shoe collection. 
  • The Easy 360 Susan will clear up that messy and disorganized kitchen cabinet corner. This functional storage device, combining the ease of a drawer with the benefits of a lazy Susan, rotates 360 degrees to the right or left making it easy to reach and access all of your kitchen necessities.  
  • The No-Wiggle Base Cabinet Pullout features a patent-pending top-mounting bracket with a heavy-duty slide, which eliminates sagging and excessive wiggle. The "no-wiggle" feature stands out even among the best base cabinet pullouts on the market, which typically have significant side-to-side movement. And with six-way adjustable door-mounting brackets it's easy to mount doors that match the rest of the cabinetry.
  • Revolving Boot and Shoe Rack (pictured) allows you to keep footwear in plain sight and off the floor. The wide pullout rack smoothly pivots 180 degrees to allow easy access and twice the storage for every pair of shoes in your collection, while still maintaining the same amount of closet space.

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