Thursday, April 6, 2017

Franke's New and Improved Waste Disposers

Franke's new and improved waste disposers are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, offering superior pricing and performance.  They range in size from 1/3 horse power to 1-1/4 horse power. Because these disposers will be replacing Franke's current line, the company is preparing a package to retrofit any Franke disposer displays you may have in your showroom. Please watch for an email that explains that process, and for more information, please reach out to the Franke representative in your territory. Some new features include:
  • Bio Shield Antimicrobial agents molded into the internal components of the disposer to inhibit the growth of bacteria which helps to reduce odors
  • A removable splash guard for ease of cleaning
  • All disposers grind to septic system compatible levels of fineness while using less energy
  • Silver Guard, which is a magnetic rim that keeps metal objects from falling into the disposer

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