Friday, April 21, 2017

ICERA's New Malibu II 10" Rough-in Toilet

ICERA introduced the Malibu II 10" Rough-in Toilet, offering an elegant design for remodels and compact bathrooms. Most toilets are designed to fit a standard 12" rough-in, but smaller bathrooms require something different.  ICERA created this chic space-saving solution with a smart blend of form and function. Featuring simple, clean lines and EcoQuattro flushing technology, the Malibu II is a reminder that form and function can occupy the same space quite harmoniously. This newly redesigned model features a compact-elongated bowl - all the comfort of an elongated toilet with space-saving in mind. The bolt cover tiles provide a sleek, fully skirted look that is easy to maintain. The Malibu uses only 1.28 gallons per flush and is capable of clearing over 1,000 grams of solid material in independent MaP testing (as compared to an industry average of only 350 grams), and with an oversized 2-1/8" trapway (larger than industry standard), clogging is virtually eliminated. Best of all, the flush mechanism is quiet and a premium soft-close, quick-release toilet seat is included.

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