Friday, April 21, 2017

Victoria + Albert Introduces Their Rossendale Collection

Victoria + Albert introduces the Rossendale Collection, a beautiful duo of trough basins that bring a spacious luxury to the bathroom. The clever rim design of the Rossendale basins means the installer can choose between a drop-in or undermount application. Long popular in kitchens and mud rooms, trough sinks are becoming increasingly in demand for the bathroom as consumers and designers appreciate their sense of spaciousness and industrial simplicity. In contrast to sinks with traditional round or oval shapes, the trough basin combines generously sized double-width sinks to form a single sleek rectangle. Trough sinks are a smart choice in bathrooms where tight quarters prohibit a double vanity. And because their depth from front to back is fairly narrow, the Rossendale basins offer even greater design flexibility. The Rossendale 122 measures 47-7/8" long by 15" wide and 5-5/8" deep. It is long enough to easily accommodate two faucets if desired, giving a modern twist to the idea of a double vanity. Its sister basin, the Rossendale 91 (pictured), is slightly smaller at 36-1/8" long and is ideal for spaces with less countertop area. Both basins feature gently sloped sides and a stylish modern edge on the drop-in design. As with all Victoria + Albert designs, the Rossendale basins are crafted from their signature ENGLISHCAST® material and hand-finished to a glossy shine that is both durable and easy to maintain.

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