Friday, March 2, 2018

American Standard's New Advanced Clean SpaLet Bidet Seat Collection

American Standard's new Advanced Clean SpaLet bidet seat collection is an affordably priced line of bidet seats, featuring an environmentally conscious design combined with a simple, intuitive interface that allow users to achieve superior individualized cleansing. The Advanced Clean SpaLet seats feature two independent, self-cleaning nozzles, providing users with the complete freedom to personalize the cleansing experience. Water spray strength, water temperature, massage spray force, and seat heating can be adjusted to deliver customized comfort and hygiene. For the user's added convenience, these bidet seats include an activated charcoal deodorizer that is easy to access and maintain. An elongated, slow close seat and lid are detachable with one easy click for thorough cleaning. Further enhancing the seats, the self-cleaning nozzles are rinsed with water before and after each use, and feature a shutter that covers the nozzles when not being used. In addition, antibacterial protection is applied to the seat, cover, nozzles and control panel to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The Advanced Clean SpaLet bidet seats are offered with remote control, side panel operation or manual function.

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