Saturday, March 31, 2018

Franz Viegener Announces Their Ban of Online Sales

Franz Viegener recently announced the decision to ban online sales of its products. The decision was made to ensure and preserve brand quality and service while also supporting its Authorized Dealer network that has an investment and strategic alliance with the company. A part of the strategy also precludes showing any pricing on the Internet or allowing any of its dealers to sell the products online. John Weinstein, North American director said, "We encourage our dealers to promote our beautiful products online so they're searchable, however, we want the purchasing experience to be personal; offering our showroom sales staff the opportunity to be part of the sales process. By doing this, both the consumer and the sales associate have a stake in the movement of product. This strategy offers the consumer the ability to easily address any product questions or concerns while affording the sales associate an opportunity to advise, offer care information or suggest other items which may be required to complete the installation."

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