Sunday, June 24, 2018

AXOR Unveils Their New AXOR UNO Collection

The AXOR brand announced the AXOR Uno collection. Designed in collaboration with world-renowned Stuttgart-based design studio Phoenix Design, the AXOR Uno collection implements the uncompromising design principles of the original Purist movement. Two precisely shaped cylinders join together at a right angle, complemented with gently rounded spouts and handles. The precise contours and raised proportions of the taps are rendered in the spirit of the golden ratio and add a sleek and elegant stylistic appeal. The AXOR Uno collection is available in chrome or brushed nickel and in 13 special order AXOR FinishPlus colors including brushed red gold. Offering a variety of options for personal preference in height and style, AXOR Uno products tout a minimalist zero handle, which turns the faucet on and off, and from cold to hot via a lateral twist. It is also available with the hansgrohe Select feature integrated into the handle, which can be engaged with the forearm, elbow, etc. Particularly suited for use in small washbasins, the AXOR Uno Single-Hole Faucet with Zero Handle boasts unparalleled performance in a small space, while the AXOR Uno Single-Hole Faucet with Zero Handle, Tall allows for enough space to meet every day needs. The AXOR Uno Select Single-Hole Faucet offers the perfect middle ground in terms of height and also comes with or without a pop-up drain. A wall-mount single hole faucet, the AXOR UNO Select Wall-Mounted Faucet Trim, offers a stylish, sleek look.

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