Friday, June 15, 2018

BainUltra's New Scala Tub

Inspired by a centuries-old Milan opera house, BainUltra's™ new Scala™ tub offers a wonderful sense of ease and refinement that results in an extraordinary bathing experience that soothes and restores the body, mind and spirit. Scala is a contemporary version of the traditional clawfoot tub, featuring modern metal feet, elongated oval silhouette, and optional metal armrests available in different colors that coordinate perfectly with the feet. With a minimalist outer shell and a host of available therapy options, the Scala tub is 72" long by 42" wide and features a spacious bathing well that easily accommodates two bathers. Crafted of durable acrylic, this stunning tub has a flowing seamless appearance with gentle curves and wider front and rear decks. Scala is available in a gorgeous glossy white or striking UltraVelour matte finish. The chunky metal feet and coordinating armrests are offered in eight different finishes, including new options for satin brass, matte black and black chrome. The tub is available in the Thermomasseur category as well as a soaker to which you can add BainUltra's new chromatherapy Illuzio® and Thermotherapy. BainUltra's incredible new Illuzio chromatherapy system features LED lights embedded within the structure of the bath that are imperceptible when not in operation. The colored lights glow through the tub's acrylic shell to provide therapeutic benefits and a beautiful visual effect. Another option available is the popular Warmtouchshell® heating zones that heats the tub from within, helping to provide a subtle yet relaxing heat for the bather.

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