Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mountain Products' New Duet Finish Collection

Mountain Products' new Duet Finish Collection highlights elements of your kitchen and bath design to give a truly balanced and unique look. All Duet products come with matte black as the base finish, and then allow your customer to pick one of the four following finishes to accent the piece - brushed nickel, polished chrome, polished nickel and champagne bronze. Additionally, new knurled accents are available - the intricate diamond knurling adds richness and depth to the design of your faucet. Duet finishes are available on the following items:

  • MT1830 and MT1840 Series - Accessory faucets
  • MT957R - Air switch
  • MT300, MT200EV and MT202 - Sink Strainers
  • MT5003L-NL - Lever Angle Valve
  • MT2000-2 - Bottle Trap

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