Friday, August 23, 2019

The New Mood Bathtub from Wetstyle

The new Mood bathtub from Wetstyle is based on a pair of offset ellipses resulting in a design that says fluidity and comfort. Its silhouette creates an air of relaxation in the bathroom. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, Mood provides maximum comfort thanks to its reclining dual backs: a sitting position that is particularly conducive to reading, and a reclined option for pure relaxation. The elegant simplicity of the Mood blends seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional interiors, with its play of shapes creating a perfect balance between a well-anchored base and more refined curves. A thicker rim on one side acts as a storage shelf for body care products. Mood is handcrafted in WETMAR BiO™, a robust, non-slip, thermo-insulating eco-material, and is available in True High Gloss™ or matte finish.

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