Saturday, June 17, 2017

BainUltra's New Monarch Collection

Introducing the Monarch Collection by BainUltra®, a stunning achievement of design and engineering that pairs exquisite materials with an oh-so-luxurious level of bathing comfort and wellness therapies. The je ne sais quoi of the Monarch Collection begins with its innovative use of quartz and acrylic together for the first time in a tub design. The two materials complement each other perfectly, with the lovely quartz stonework outlining the perimeter of the tub as a seamless deck. No other tile surfaces are needed to complete the deck, creating an elegant yet highly durable surface with inherent antibacterial properties. The clean lines and sleek sophistication of the Monarch Collection makes it a lovely choice for high-end bathrooms and especially well-suited for luxurious condominiums. The tubs are available in drop-in or alcove settings and come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, including a traditional rectangle, a one-sided curved design for a modern look, or a curved-on-four-sides model that resembles a freestanding bath. The inner shell of the tub is finished in pure white acrylic in a high gloss or UltraVelour matte finish, while the deck is outfitted in a stunning selection of quartz stone in a range of rich hues and textures. A wall-mounted or freestanding faucet completes the look.

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