Saturday, June 10, 2017

Victoria + Albert's New Unlacquered Brass Finish

Brass fixtures are among the hottest trends in bathroom design with today's styles showcasing a warmer and more sophisticated vibe than the bold brass of decades past. Victoria + Albert's beautiful new unlacquered brass finish is now available for all Florin and Staffordshire faucets.  Known as a "living finish," unlacquered brass ages naturally over time, developing a unique patina over the lifespan of the fixture. If desired, the finish can be maintained in a polished state with the regular use of a metal cleaner.  The Florin (pictured) and Staffordshire Collections were chosen to showcase this exceptional new finish. The Staffordshire line celebrates "New Traditional" design and its graceful combination of classic styles and modern lines, while Florin faucets capture the essence of the Art Deco aesthetic in a fresh way. Both collections are also available in a wide range of faucet designs for the tub, basin and shower.

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