Friday, November 30, 2018

New Toilet Paper Holders with Shelves from Keuco

What can one do with the various items in the trouser pockets, such as cell phones, keys, etc., when there is no wall or window sill nearby to set things down? KEUCO has developed a solution that is just as practical as it is elegant: a new toilet paper holder/shelf combination in the design of the PLAN and EDITION 400 series.
  • Matching the other PLAN accessories, the new PLAN toilet paper holder (pictured) is available in a glossy chrome, matte aluminum, and premium stainless steel finish. Mobile devices, money or other pocket contents can find a temporary and safe home on the slip-resistant and scratch-proof shelf surface made of fine linoleum.
  • On the EDITION 400 model, the soft, organic forms expressed in its rounded corners interact harmoniously with the slender, rectilinear contours of the toilet paper holder with integrated shelf, producing an effect of aesthetic lightness. With a width of 328 mm and depth of 100 mm, this new toilet paper holder provides shelf space near the WC, such as for mobile devices or discreetly stored hygiene articles for women, for example. The aluminum surface is also very resistant, including against fingerprints, and it is very easy to clean. 

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