Monday, November 5, 2018

ThermaSol Introduces Their ThermaTouch Plus Control

ThermaSol® introduced one of the latest additions to their product line: ThermaTouch Plus. This product delivers customization and precise and personal settings to homeowners in what ThermaSol is calling an ROWI - Return on Wellness Investment. Utilizing the power of the Android operating system, the new ThermaTouch Plus controller is now an App Platform, hosting 20 of the most popular Apps which users can download via the ThermaTouch App Store, just like you can on your mobile devices (Streaming Music, News with Live TV, Business News, Sports with Live TV, Relaxing Sounds & Weather, Hulu, iHeartRadio, AP Mobile, Businessweek, ESPN, Relaxio, Netflix, Pandora, BBC - Audio Feed, Business Insider, Weather, Spotify, CNN - Live TV Feed, CNBC, FOX - Live TV Feed, Fox Business, NBC and Yahoo Finance). Other attributes of ThermaTouch Plus include:
  • Fully waterproof, ThermaTouch Plus can be installed anywhere: a shower, bathing area, patio, etc.
  • ThermaTouch Plus controls ThermaSol's new digital shower and the Serenity Light, Sound Rain Head.
  • ThermaTouch Plus controls all aspects of steam generation and shower.
  • WiFi-enabled capabilities ensure that users automatically receive any updates to the software right to the controller, in-home after purchase.   

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  1. What are the dimensions of the new thermatouch plus? Thermasol has yet to update their website