Monday, December 31, 2018

Laufen's Sonar Wave Bowl Receives 2018 Interior Design BoY Award

In December, Laufen’s Sonar Wave Bowl was honored in Interior Design’s “Best of Year Awards 2018” in the Bath:Fixtures category. The award marks the second consecutive year Laufen was recognized in the magazine’s famed BoY awards. In 2017, Laufen won in the Bath:Cabinetry category for the Katrell Floorstanding Washbasin. Expressive yet minimalist, Sonar’s formal language plays with arcs and angles, emphasizing the slender lines of SaphirKeramik. To emphasize the lightness of the objects even more, designer Patricia Urquiola and Laufen developed a fine, three-dimensional texture for the washbasin bowls’ external surfaces. The textured version can be selected as an optional alternative to the traditional smooth surface and is reminiscent of sound waves propagating in water.

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