Monday, December 10, 2018

Linkasink's New Artisan Glass Sinks

Linkasink's new Artisan Glass Sinks are a perfect example of Linkasink's hand-crafted artistry. These elegant glass sinks are individually created through a meticulous process that involves many hours of painstaking labor. The glass is heated and cooled during three trips to the kiln to form the basic shape of the sink that ensures the strength of the glass, and creates a satin finish. Work also takes place afterwards when diamond bits and sanders are used to create the drain hole.  Each sink is gilded by hand. In total, it takes five days to create these spectacular glass sinks. The sinks are embellished with gold and brass leaf that is hand-applied to form patterns such as Stripe, River, Window, Églomisé, and Banded Églomisé. These feature different amounts of metal leafing - with the Églomisé having a fully gold or brass appearance. Églomisé (ay-glo-mees-ay) is French for gilded glass - a decorative technique in which metal leaf is applied to the back side of a piece of glass.  Decoration of this type has been made since the Roman Empire. Glass sinks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which include rectangular and square undermount sinks as well as round vessel-style sinks.  The glass itself is available in white, black, or Églomisé.  Variations in the finish of the glass are also available and include a Crackle finish and a Bubbles finish. 

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