Friday, December 14, 2018

MTI Baths' New Configurator Software

MTI Baths takes the stress out of ordering Integrated counter-sinks with an online interactive program that is simple to use and provides a "final look" rendering at the end for extra peace-of-mind.The new  MTI Configurator uses ingenious software to walk users through a straight-forward process to ensure the end design is perfect in every way. The Configurator is great for designers but is so easy that anyone can use it. Its step-by-step procedure keeps users from making mistakes and generates a summary with all part codes and retail pricing for easy ordering. The Configurator lets users establish a personal account and then directs them through a series of choices. Counter dimensions are carefully recorded by length, height and depth, and then other options are offered, such as installation mode (vanity or wall mount), the shape and position of the bowl, and faucet configuration. The Configurator prompts users to consider factors they may not have thought of, such as drain types, edge treatments, and bowl colors and finishes. It also offers a variety of finishing touches such as a backsplash, sidesplash, and a matching cover to protect the bottom of the sink. There's even an optional sink tray made of genuine teak for displaying toiletries and accessories. MTI also plans to expand the Configurator to other MTI products, such as a simple counter, a counter with holes cut out for MTI semi-recesssed sinks and vanity sinks.

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