Saturday, December 29, 2018

Lenova's New TKO Touch Kitchen Faucets

Lenova makes a messy kitchen a little neater with their new TKO Touch Kitchen Faucets. Today's busy cooks will appreciate the easy operation of this elegant contemporary faucet line that allows water to flow with just a simple touch. It's perfect for those times when you're mixing a meatloaf or kneading dough and don't want to touch the faucet handles to wash your sloppy hands. Not only does this ingenious design help keep your kitchen cleaner, it fosters improved sanitation by reducing the potential spread of bacteria from raw foods. A touch of your wrist or forearm on the body of the faucet is all that's needed to activate the water stream. And when you've finished, another short tap turns it off. The TKO Touch Faucet line is constructed in high-quality, no-lead brass and is coated with a state of the art PVD finish to withstand years of use. Exceptionally beautiful with sleek sophisticated designs, these faucets stand out for their smart features such as automatic shut-off and integrated sensors with LED lights to indicate water temperature for your safety and comfort. And because they are powered by four standard AA batteries, faucet operation will not be impeded by any power outages. The TKO line is available in brushed nickel or polished chrome and includes a pull-down adjustable sprayer and a single lever handle. 


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