Friday, September 22, 2017

California Faucets' New Morro Bay Single-Hole Faucet

California Faucets' new Morro Bay™ Series single-hole faucet features a radically thin handle that appears to be gently sailing above the faucet body. This groundbreaking ultra-thin planar floating handle design stands apart from typical single-hole faucets with handles that move along with a heavy, cumbersome hub. Cubist and contemporary, Morro Bay's streamlined design is stylishly square without the chunky look associated with most square single-hole faucets. A thin spout adds symmetry to the handle, creating geometric balance and fluidity, while accentuating the independent operation of the handle. The Zen in Morro Bay's design lies in the width of the handle, which equals that of the spout beneath and provides a harmonious counterpoint to the cuboid faucet body. Like all California Faucets bath fittings, the Morro Bay single-hole faucet is constructed of solid brass and available in 30-plus artisan finishes, including 15 PVD finishes with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing, and is available in heights of 5-5/16" and 11-9/16".

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