Saturday, September 30, 2017

CEU Events Introduces a New CEU Original Series

CEU Events is introducing a new CEU Original Series™ titled: "Does Internet Price Outweigh Industry Expertise and Knowledge?" This course helps provide discussion points for interior designers, architects, remodeling professionals, and their clients about the advantages of industry expertise and knowledge.  Furthermore, it will discuss the value of purchasing through brick-and-mortar showrooms as it covers important differences between in-store versus online shopping experiences and after sale support.  Grasp the difference between webrooming and showrooming as well as understanding the different types of mobile assisted shoppers.  Finally, it will highlight the importance of trade professional relationship, respect and teamwork while working on a client's' project. This has been a constant topic among the DPH industry - getting the conversation going with designers and architects so you can show them your true value.  Click here to schedule a quick appointment to discuss your CEU needs during the upcoming DPHA show (Booth #605).

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