Friday, September 1, 2017

Mountain Products' New Mountain Pure Filter

Mountain Products new Mountain Pure® produces fresh, pristine water.  Mountain Pure® allows customers to enjoy clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and even face washing when installed in bathrooms and kitchens. Mountain Pure® Carbon Filtration Systems comes with a carbon filter cartridge that incorporates powder activated carbon and a bacteriostatic agent that protects it from bacteria growth. 1/4 Turn automatic shut-off valve allows for easy replacement and eliminates the usual mess of replacing filters.  Mountain Pure® Filter features include: 
  • More efficient and clog resistant - unique filter media created by attaching powdered activated carbon and lead absorbent material onto a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix
  • Filter removes 99.9% of particles over .5 microns
  • Filter incorporates an anti-microbial agent to reduce bacteria
  • Anti-scale media for protection against scale buildup on the faucet and inside of the hot tank when using a Little Gourmet instant hot system
  • 1,250 gallon capacity - lasts 1 year based on average usage
  • Operates without wasting water

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