Monday, September 18, 2017

SteamLinx from MrSteam

SteamLinx is the most recent example of MrSteam reimagining home steam showers. SteamLinx turns any smartphone into an intuitive steam room remote control. SteamLinx is a wireless interface that consists of a smart phone app, and two small transmitter modules: one connects to any MrSteam E-series generator, and the other to the home Internet router. The two transmitters communicate with each other, allowing users to control steam room functionality wirelessly through the app on their smartphone. Users can easily activate their steam shower remotely in advance from anywhere within range of their WiFi signal.  The touch of a finger is all it takes to preheat the steam shower while preparing morning coffee in the kitchen, finishing a workout in the exercise room or pulling into the garage after a long day. The simple-to-operate mobile experience of the SteamLinx system is compatible with all MrSteam home steam shower controls, the new iSteam3, wireless AirTempo, iTempoPlus and iTempo. It is also included in all MrSteam Dream and Butler packages.

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